Canvas Stretching

So I have started preparing my first canvas by cutting up my 12oz cotton canvas to size....allowing for it to be wrapped around the 45mm sides and some for the rear where it is stapled. I purchased quite a large sheet of canvas as I intend to use the rest for a much larger canvas after this initial experiment.

I found investing in some canvas pliers was a great purchase from eBay!

I already had my electric staple gun which really helps too. Manual or electric still does the same job.

Folding the corners can be a bit tricky at first, but there is a great video on Youtube by KLTeaching which really helps with the process. There is also another video by KLTeaching which then focuses on the priming of the canvas.

So, once I have stapled all of my sideband the corners I am pretty impressed with my first attempt at stretching a 50cm x 50cm canvas. I intend to work much larger, so this was a good size to experiment with.

So I used Gesso Primer which has to be applied quite quickly as it needs to be applied wet on wet ideally. It really does dry quite fast so you need to move that brush quite fast! Again, the video on Youtube by KLTeaching really does help with this whole process.

Once dry I have sanded it down and applied a second coat of Gesso Primer...and then sanded down once more.

You can add a third coat and sand it down if you think it needs it.

Overall, I am quite happy with how things have ended ups with this first for experimenting with my actual acrylic pouring!!! Creating some impressive cellular forms. Can't wait to get started now.

If you have any questions or I can offer any advice just get in touch.


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